Zodwa Wabantu Accused Of Preying On Younger Men


Celebrity personality Zodwa Wabantu has copped the wrath of social media this week, after users on both Instagram and Twitter were unnerved by the performer ‘shooting her shot’ with a much younger man.

Zodwa Wabantu turns 35 this year, and she is no stranger to controversy. Her provocative dances and activities with her sexual health sponsors have made her a household name in Mzansi.

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So, when some drama kicks off online, it’s hard for the Soweto-born star to avoid the headlines.

The booty-shaker has been deported from Zambia before, due to her risque routines. She’s been branded a ‘disgrace’ by politicians, and even faced criticism from Jacob Zuma.

However, despite these lighter incidents, Zodwa Wabantu was almost canceled in 2019 after she made ‘homophobic comments‘ on a TV show.

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The Instagram comment sparked a fierce debate on Twitter, as many users questioned her allegedly ‘predatory’ behaviour.

The age gap – and Zodwa’s recent love life history – has put her right on the spot, especially considering that she recently uploaded a video of herself with another fresh-faced boyfriend this week.

But the socialite does have a few backers in her corner. A flood of fans went online to defend her actions, contesting that both parties are consenting adults. Well, that’s if Sishi takes up her offer to slide in the DMs…


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