Wild Romance: Davido Kissed Chioma On Stage At The O2 Arena

It was one hell of a show at Davido’s just concluded concert at the O2 arena which was richly attended. The 20,000 capacity hall was filled to the brim and Davido made sure he thrilled his audience with mind-blowing performances.

As usual, Davido put his charisma on display, as he jumped from one side of the stage to the other, performing his hit tunes and keeping his audience highly entertained. There was no dull moment at the event and many attendees wished the concert did not have to end. But like they say, whatever has a beginning has an end.

However, long before anyone saw the end of the concert, Davido pulled a stunt on stage that fast made headlines. While performing on stage, his crew joined him and popped Champaign on him, leaving him wet from his head down. Along with his crew was the love of his life, Chioma, who also joined in the whole Champaign popping paparazzi.

When his crew was done popping the Champaign on him, they left the stage and Chioma was about to join them when Davido held on to her, dragged her close and planted a kiss on her lips right in front of 20,000 people! Wow!

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