Police Bust Factory Repackaging Used Condoms In Vietnam

Recycled used condoms

Authorities in Vietnam uncovered a vast number of used condoms being recycled and stocked for sale following a raid on an apartment on Saturday.

According to local market monitors, nearly 324,000 used condoms, equivalent to 360 kilos, were recycled at the facility and would be sold on the market later.

They confiscated all products at the facility, which is located at DX12, Hoa Nhut Quarter, Tan Vinh Hiep Ward, Binh Duong Province, located in southern Vietnam.

Upon their swoop on the illegal production base, all the used condoms were found unpackaged and unlabeled.

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Pham Thi Thanh Ngoc, owner of the facility, who comes from Nghe An Province, admitted that she had received a monthly input of used condoms from an unknown person.

The used condoms then underwent a process including washing, drying, and reshaping with a dildo in unhygienic conditions before being put up for sale.

Every year, Vietnamese people use 500-600 million condoms, according to statistics.

Using condoms from dubious manufacturing sources poses a huge threat to human health, including severe infection.

A couple of years ago the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention tweeted out a message aimed at sexually active Americans – advising them not to wash condoms. This is not a joke.

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The agency tweeted: “Don’t wash or reuse condoms. We say it, because people do it.”

According to the Daily Mail, as many as three per cent of people have tried to re-use condoms and the CDC want to do their job and help reduce the risk of people contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs), they also reminded everyone that prophylactics can be picked up for free at health centres and can only be used the one time.

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You might think three per cent (3.3 per cent to be precise) isn’t that many people, but there are a lot of people in the US, so that would still equate to a hefty amount of people going for round two with their rubber friend.

To give those people some credit – and the benefit of the doubt – washing condoms used to be standard practice.

The Sex Pistols (appropriately enough) and Elvis Costello have even sung songs about washing condoms. But that was back in the ’70s, people.


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