University Students Injured After Being Attacked By Cultists In Uyo

Some undergraduate students of the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, were brutalised during an attack by suspected cultists.

It was gathered that at about 9:15 pm on Friday night (yesterday), some students were attacked by cultists who beat them with various weapons in a bid to loot them of their properties including phones, cash, necklace and wristwatches.

One of the victims identified as Chibuzor Vincent who was rushed to the University of Uyo Health Center for treatment along with others – narrated what happened.

He said that he went to fetch water behind Onyeama Ugochukwu hall when he saw people numbering up to 30 walk towards his direction.

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” When they met me, they asked why I was holding a gallon and walking bare body, so I thought they were school security since the security system has been switched, before I tried to explain my reasons one of them from behind gave me a sounding slap and before I could say “Jack Robinson” I saw myself on the floor and I started shouting for help and I struggled to run away but I was dragged back and I heard a major bang on my face before a blackout”, Chibuzor Vincent said..

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Two other students who tried to alert the school security were brutally beaten and stabbed with a dagger and a broken bottle as they had all their valuables collected.

The school authority has been urged to step up the security within and around the campus for safety of the students.


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