White House Shooting: President Trump Whisked From Briefing


US President Donald Trump was briefly evacuated from a press briefing at the White House due to a shooting incident outside on Monday.

Trump said that he was taken to the Oval Office following the interruption, and that the Secret Service had shot someone outside of the White House. The suspect, he said, was taken to a hospital.

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“There was a shooting outside of the White House and it seems to be very well under control,” he said. “I don’t know the condition of the person, but it seems that the person was shot by Secret Service, so we’ll see what happens.”

Trump added that US agents would release a full report shortly, but praised the “very powerful” new fencing surrounding the White House.

The person was transferred to a local hospital, and the District of Columbia fire department said the man suffered serious or possibly critical injuries.

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The shooting took place near 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue just blocks from the White House, two sources with knowledge of the situation who were not authorized to speak publicly about it told the Associated Press.

Law enforcement officials were still trying to determine the suspect’s motive.

Authorities were investigating whether the suspect has a history of mental illness.

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