Bride Price Should Be Scrapped – Nollywood Actress Toni Tones


Singer and actress Toni Tones has called for bride price culture to be scrapped.

Taking to her social media page, Toni Tones demands that bride price should be scrapped because women are not property to be sold.

She wrote;

Scrap bride price culture. Women are not property to be and sold.

Nigerians however took to the platform to react to her post. See some reactions below.’

Na wa, As this girl fine reach so,

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she nor get sense.


now i believe that saying that;

“You cant have it all in life”,

fine girl, fine height no brain.

Saying They should scrap bride price. Feminist weldone o – @alsocarter

No please. It is Ourculture. I rather we handle it like my village does. We ask you to bring #10,000 and it most be cash. So when the groom brings it, they make sure to collect as low as #30. They will ask you to use the rest to take care of your wife. ItsOurheritage – @TreasureChinwe3

Funny enough no body talks about the cost of white wedding, what exactly is the issue people have with tradition and culture? What is the hate for? Oooooh – @KKekeocha

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Many people (villages) in Igbo land have different understanding of what bride price represents. According to my people, bride price is not the value of a woman paid in sum, but an allegiance of unity, signifying oneness of both families. My Dad collect N10 as bride price. – @UtchayMillion

They should scrap bride price culture, it’s unhealthy, and it perpetuates the “I paid for your head” statement guys always use. Why are you paying for a human being? – @Omonomose_


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