“The god’s Must be Crazy” Actor Was Paid $300 Only


The gods must be crazy:

When ‘The gods must be crazy’ was released in 1989, one character who kept us glued to the screen was the Bushman with his captivating smile.

His grin was also enough to make the movie’s revenue a whopping $60 million but surprisingly he was paid just $300. Why?

Actually, his real name is Nixua Toma of a particular San clan that is found mainly in South Africa and Namibia.

The San clan is predominantly a tribe of Bushmen as he was portrayed in the movie but as he displayed in the movie also, so he was in real life then.

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Just as confused he was about the Coca-Cola bottle, so he was about money.

According to James Uys; the South African director of the movie, he said Nixua didn’t know the value of money then and gladly accepted the $300 which in squandered in no distant time.

When he was called upon for the next production, he asked for several millions of dollars paid to him so he could cater for himself along with his 3 wives and children.

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Some years later after his acting career took a downturn, he went into farming (crops and cattle).

In 2003, he passed away after being diagnosed of Tuberculosis.


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