Terrifying Moment Child Falls Out Of Moving Car Into Path Of Oncoming Vehicles After Door Opens Suddenly


The terrifying moment a 4-year-old boy fell out of a moving car in the middle of a busy expressway was caught on a dash cam video.

The car was speeding along the road in Jinan, in eastern China’s Shandong Province, when a door opened suddenly and the child fell out. His parents, who had no idea of what was going on, kept driving without him.

Thankfully, the driver who filmed the footage stopped and his wife Ma Quanhui got out to help. She took him to the side of the road and made sure he was OK. 

Ma Quanhui later revealed that she waited on the pavement with the boy until his parents realised what had happened and came back for him.

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It turned out the boy was playing with a door handle in the back of the car when it accidentally opened and he fell out.


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