Teenager Arrested For Buying Playstation 4 For Less Than £8 By Weighing It In The Fruit Section And Paying At The Self-Checkout Till

A cunning French teenager has been jailed after buying a PlayStation 4, which usually costs about £300, for under £8 by weighing it on a fruit scale and paying at the self-service till.

Adel, 19, picked the games console off the shelf in a supermarket in Montbeliard, eastern France, last September. He then took it to the fruit and vegetable section where he then bagged it and placed it on the electronic scale.

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It weighed 6 pounds and he put a sticker with the price tag on the device and went to the self-checkout. There, Adel paid £7.86 for the 6lb bag of ‘fruit’ at a self-checkout till.

After fraudulently purchasing the game console, the teen went on to sell it for £87.43 to pay for a train ticket to his home town of Nice, in south-eastern France, L’Est Republicain reported.

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Adel would have got away with it if he had not returned to the same shop the next day to try to carry out the scam again.

He was arrested and charged with theft, but did not appear in court for the hearing. Magistrates in Montbeliard sentenced him to four months in prison.


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