I Almost Lost My Life After Taking Slimming Pills


The winner of 2019 Atinka TV’s plus size women dance competition ‘Di Asa’, Precious Mensah popularly known as PM has revealed that she nearly died when she tried taking in some slimming Pills to lose weight.

Speaking in an interview on GhanaWeb’s ‘Say It Loud’, the reigning queen of ‘Di Asa’ disclosed that she experienced some health complications in her heart after she took the pills dosage prescribed for her.

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She stated that trying to use the pills to reduce her weight nearly caused her life.

“Unfortunately, anytime I take this drug, I feel pains in my heart. If I take it, I don’t feel okay but if I don’t take it, I feel okay… I took the drug and threw it into the bin,” PM said.

PM, however, admitted that despite trolls from the public, she’s not moved by any of them because she has grown to get used to it.

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“I accepted to start taking the drugs because my friends always left me behind when going to chill. And I was so eager to lose weight so that I could join them.”

Precious Mensah disclosed that most of her siblings are overweight so she believes it’s genetic.

“They’ve got to know that it’s from their side, it’s part of them and it’s in their blood … so they have to embrace nature,” she said.


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