9 Year-Old To Graduate With A Bachelor Of Engineering Degree

Laurent Simons Young Graduate: A 9 year old genius from Belgium, Laurent Simons will this December graduate from the Eindhoven University of Technology with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering,... Read more »

Lady Gives Birth In Nightclub Floor, Baby Gets Life Free Entry

A 19 year old woman surprised everyone when she gave birth to her baby at a night club dance floor on Monday. Employees noticed the woman at around 5: 30 am According... Read more »

Iraqi Protesters Bring Out Lions To Counter Police Dogs

With the death of over 300 protesters and the injuring of thousands of others, the locals are still resolute in their cause. Iraqi protesters bought a lion to the protesting areas after... Read more »

Millipedes And Beer As Holy Communion

Millipedes And Bear As Holy Communion: The senior Pastor of Rabboni Centre Ministries in South Africa, Lesego Daniel, was allegedly spotted feeding his church members with millipede and beer as holy communion.... Read more »

Five-year-old Girl Told Mom To Calm Down After She Was Shot

A Five Year Old Girl Shot: A five-year-old girl who was fatally shot bravely tried to calm her distraught mother moments before she passed away in Brazil. Ketellen Umbelino de Oliveira Gomes... Read more »

Bishop Who Investigates Sex Abuse Is Accused Of Sex Abuse

NEW YORK – A Roman Catholic bishop named by Pope Francis to investigate the church’s response to clergy sexual abuse in Buffalo, New York, has himself been accused of sexual abuse of... Read more »

Adorable Motorcycles Made From Original Beatle Parts

The Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most memorable cars in the history of automobiles. Virtually anyone could point out the bug-shaped auto in an instant—even more so if it’s in its... Read more »

Billionaire Arrested For Growing Weed On His Private Island

Co-founder of global circus company – Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberte, has been detained on charges of growing cannabis on his private island in the South Pacific, TheGuardian reports. Laliberte’s company, Lune... Read more »

Two Dead And Dozens Injured In California School Shooting

Latest California School Shooting: A California high school student pulled a 0.45 caliber semiautomatic handgun from his backpack and fired on fellow students as classes began on Thursday, killing two and wounding... Read more »

Lady Claims She’s A Werewolf And Bites Friend’s Ear Off

A 44-year-old Michigan woman has been charged after allegedly biting an ear off her friend, telling authorities she’s a werewolf and the victim’s a vampire, WTAE reports. Allison Thompson Weaver and the... Read more »

Venice Floods: Climate Change Behind Highest Tide In 50 Years

Venice Under Water: Severe flooding in Venice that has left much of the Italian city under water is a direct result of climate change, the mayor says. The highest water levels in... Read more »

Man Arrested For Marrying 60 Times In 25 Years

An Indian man Abu Baker, 45 has been arrested for marrying 60 times in the last 25 years in the country’s district of Jamalpur. Police said he is known in his area... Read more »

Girl 17, Gang Raped In Front Of Her Two Younger Brothers

Three criminals in Zambia, Mazabuka have been arrested by police for allegedly raping a 17 year old girl of Chikankata area. The suspects identified as Tryed Ngandu aged 22, Vice Munene aged... Read more »

Shameful Man Arrested For Defiling An Imbecile

Police in Dowa have arrested 32-year-old Alex Guzani on allegation that he defiled a 15-year-old imbecile girl. The suspect is alleged to have committed the offence on November 11 2019 at Besela... Read more »

Man Insists Ex Wife Should Not Be Prosecuted Despite Kidnapping Daughter

The father of two sisters who were kidnapped by their own mother thirty years ago has said he doesn’t want his ex-wife to be prosecuted. Elaine Yates, now 69, had fled with... Read more »

Man Kills Pregnant Wife In Chikwawa

Police in Chikwawa have arrested a 41-year old man for allegedly killing his wife who was 2-months pregnant. The suspect, Omaki Chataika, allegedly murdered Nesi Gazilina, 39, after a quarrel. The incident... Read more »

Woman Killed Husband For Laughing While His Friends Raped Her

Linda Couch was still a teenager when she met Walter at a wedding reception. She was instantly smitten by the clean-cut handsome man and “couldn’t believe” he wanted to date her. So... Read more »

Lightning Kills Third Person In Zimbabwe

Following the previous deadly Lightning attacks, a third victim has emerged – A 37-YEAR-OLD woman has been struck and killed by lightning in Bulawayo’s Cowdray Park suburb, the third person reported to... Read more »

Maid Cries Out Begging To Be Freed From Boss After Sex Abuse

The woman secretly filmed herself as she tearfully speaks about being sexually abused, doused in hot oil and tied up. She makes a desperate plea to be allowed to go home to... Read more »

Lady Collapse While Inserting Christmas Tree Into Her Vaginal

A 43-year old woman Wanda Brown took a 7.5-Ft Slim Yuletide Pine Christmas tree with her inside the store’s restrooms with the intent of inserting it entirely in her body cavities and... Read more »

Mysterious Snake Sleeps With 600 Women In Zimbabwe

About 600 women in Shale, Zimbabwe confessed to prophets that a mysterious snake would lick their privates before sleeping with them. The incident happened in Ward 8 Shale, Dindindi Gante Village under... Read more »

Americans Rank Barack Obama As Best President Of Their Lifetime

A new Pew Research Center poll says more Americans rank former President Barack Obama higher than any other when asked which president has done the best job in their lifetimes. Obama was... Read more »

Boy Rapes And Impregnates 10 Year-Old Sister

A 10- year-old girl who was allegedly raped by her own biological brother has been found out that she is 8 months pregnant. The child, from Posadas, in the northern Argentina province... Read more »

Infant Stabbed 90 Times For Biting While Breast Feeding

Xiao Bao, the baby was found bleeding in the backyard. His uncle took him to the healthcare facility in Eastern China. The child obtained 120 stitches in order to be steady. Read more »

Tragedy Morgue Employee Cremated While Taking A Nap

An employee of the Jefferson county morgue died on Monday morning after being accidentally cremated by one of his coworkers. According to the Beaumont Police Department, 48-year old Henri Paul Johnson decided... Read more »

11/11 Singles Day Shopping Spree Sees Robust Sales

Enthusiasm for online shopping in China was vibrant once again during the Singles Day shopping extravaganza, which falls on Nov. 11 each year, as merchants and e-commerce platforms accelerated efforts to launch... Read more »

Hong Kong Protester Shot In The Chest Today

Hong Kong Protester Shot: A Hong Kong pro-democracy protester has been shot in the chest after a police officer opened fire during clashes on Tuesday, as China celebrated the 70th anniversary of... Read more »

British Finance Minister Sajid Javid Caught In Fake News Saga

British finance minister, Sajid Javid was caught in the maelstrom of fake news on Sunday after he cited a dossier accusing the Labour Party of plans embark on reckless spending if it... Read more »

Germany Sends Strong Message To Trump On Berlin Wall Anniversary

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says the fall of the Berlin Wall reminds “us that we have to do our part for freedom and democracy” German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier urged the United States... Read more »

Boss Kept Disabled Black Worker As Slave And Burnt Him Using Hot Tongs

Disabled Black Worker: A racist restaurant manager kept a disabled black worker as a slave for years and burned him with hot tongs to make him work faster. Bobby Paul Edwards, 45,... Read more »

Experiment Gone Wrong As Boy, 15 Caught Fire

Experiment Gone Wrong: A schoolboy Jimmy Malachi McFadden was left badly burned after a ‘burning banknote’ chemistry experiment saw him doused with ethanol and set ablaze. Malachi McFadden was left badly burned... Read more »

Shock: Mummies Found To Have Heart Disease Symptoms

Mummies have heart disease: Ancient mummies have been found to have symptoms of heart disease. A new study has found the disease to exist in people from 4,000 years ago. Researchers analysed... Read more »

Meet Twins Who Married Same Man And Dumped Him After 8 Years

In a bizarre story, as if being born on the same day, at the same time, delivered by the same mother, sharing the same dad was not enough, Identical twins Owami and... Read more »

Boy 5 Dialled 911 For Happy Meal Order

Police brought a young boy a Happy Meal after he dialed 911 for his McDonald’s order. Little Charlie Skabelund, five, decided to phone in his order to the police when he got... Read more »

She Forced Him To Have Sex At Knife Point Until He Was Exausted

20-year-old Samantha Ray Mears will be spending the next 20 years in a psychiatric facility after being found guilty of breaking into her ex-boyfriend’s home, threatening him with a machete and forcing... Read more »

Couple Discovers They Are Siblings After 24 Years Of Marriage

Pakistani couple united in an arranged marriage over 24 years ago recently learnt that they were in fact of the same parents, SMACK reports. The siblings, who were separated as children after... Read more »

Surprise As Stolen Goat Gets Stuck On Thief’s Back

In Zimbabwe, a Notorious thief was caught in the most bizarre way after a goat that he had stolen stuck to his back. Villagers in Chikondori area under Chief Ndanga in Zaka,... Read more »

Court Sentenced Man To Four Life Terms For Killing Four Children

A South African father who killed his three biological children and stepdaughter by hanging them has been sentenced to four life terms in jail. Judge Sharmaine Balton in handing down the sentence... Read more »

She Wore Hidden Camera To Catch Men Staring At Her Cleavage

For years it has been known that the first place a man looks upon meeting a woman is her chest and specifically, cleavage. Of course no one has brought out any defining... Read more »

61 Year-Old Grandmother Gives Birth To Own Grandchild

61 year-old grandmother Cecile Reynek Eledge gave birth to her very own granddaughter, who was originally conceived via in vitro fertilization (IVF). Eledge served as a gestational surrogate to her granddaughter for... Read more »