Sherellemarie And Jthomp Pre-wedding Photos

I’ve always envisioned what this day would be like, where it would happen, who it would happen with, how shocked I would be but when it truly happened the only feeling I had at this very moment yesterday on our 9 month anniversary while staring at the man that I know without a shadow of doubt God created for me, as my pastor and father stood beside him, was how THANKFUL I was that God allowed for me to experience true love here on Earth!

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God orchestrated something that I will forever be grateful for! When I was broken He put me back together for my soulmate, He allowed for me to feel true unconditional love, He allowed for me to watch the man of my dreams continuously be selfless and give me ALL of him daily.

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He allowed for generational curses to be broken, He allowed for me to understand the importance of no sex before marriage, He allowed me to see that you can be friends first and learn each other and court the godly way and be rewarded with not a ring but a soon to be COVENANT.

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Last month God was clear that He wanted me to study all the wives in the Bible and now I understand WHY! It was in preparation of.

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To my fiancé @jthomp8 I can not wait to spend forever with you and to be a great steward of this marvelous gift that God has given me! You are truly a piece of heaven here on earth for me and I love you so much! – @_sherellemarie

Congrats from Ojblitz Media House.

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