She Said I Should Prove My Love By Sending Her Money


A Nigerian man has revealed how women in the country have now commercialized love.

According to him, he professed love to a lady, but was shocked by her request. He said the woman asked him to send her money so as to prove his affection.

The gentleman, identified simply as Chidi, in his narrative, shared that upon conversing with the lady told her that he’s in love with her and the lady simply asked him to prove it.

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Bewildered by the lady’s proposal, he then went on to ask her to kindly drop a hint on how she wants him to prove his love for her – it’s apparent that the lady’s ‘hint’ is what propelled Chidi to share his experience with netizens.

Sharing his experience via his Twitter account, @chidibanx wrote,

I confessed my love to a girl and she said she needs me to prove it, i asked her to give me a hint on how i should prove my love is real then she sent me her account number.


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