See The Possible Areas Where The Public Could Appreciate The Armed Forces Of Nigeria

In some parts of the western world, On commercial flights, members of the armed forces and veterans irrespective of their rank are called on board before other passengers and appreciated while everyone around clap their hands in appreciation of their service to their nation.

Some shops including restaurant give discounts and rebates on purchases and tickets respectively as a way of appreciating them..

Different days and events are set aside for these honourable men for all the go through to keep their nation together. to mention a few:

  • Memorial Day: A day of remembrance for those who have died in service for the nation.
  • Armed Forces Day: A time set aside to pay tribute to the military personnel who currently serve in the nation’s Armed Forces.
  • Military Spouse Appreciation Day: A time to thank military spouses for being the backbone of the families who support the troops.
  • Victory in Europe Day: Commemorating the end of the World War II.
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See the possible areas where the public could appreciate the armed forces of Nigeria


Discounts on electricity tariff for AFN barracks units and formation by distribution companies of Nigeria.

Donations of wheelchairs, prosthetics and crutches to incapacitated veterans.

Discounts on medical bills and treatment for AFN and their families in renowned public and private hospitals.

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Accelerated visa processing privileges at embassies


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