Roy Den Hollander Identified As Gunman In U.S. Judge Salas’ House


The suspect who killed U.S. federal judge Esther Salas’s son on Sunday has been identified as Roy Den Hollander, an attorney.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in New Jersey announced this Monday night.

The New York State Police has found the body of Hollander, who is believed to have committed suicide.

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On Sunday afternoon, Hollander approached Judge Esther Salas’s home in New Jersey and opened fire, killing the judge’s son and seriously wounding her husband, who is a criminal defense lawyer, investigators said.

The judge, who stayed in the basement at the time, was unharmed.

Hollander appeared to be an “anti-feminist,” who flooded the courts with lawsuits against women’s studies programs and prohibited nightclubs from holding “ladies’ nights”.

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In a recent case, he argued before Salas and described her as “a lazy and incompetent Latina judge” appointed by former President Barack Obama in his self-published book.


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