Robots Spotted Attending To COVID-19 Patients In China


The deadly coronavirus outbreak in China is pushing the medical personnel attending to patients to utilise the the services of robots as medical assistants.

Telepresence bots that allow remote video communication, patient health monitoring and safe delivery of medical goods are growing in number on hospital floors in urban China.

They’re now acting as a safe go-between that helps curb the spread of COVID-19.

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Keenon Robotics Co, a Shanghai-based company, deployed 16 robots of a model nicknamed “Little Peanut” to a hospital in Hangzhou after a group of Wuhan travellers to Singapore were held in quarantine.

Twitter users were amazed at the latest development in curbing the spread of the virus which has killed 811 people so far.

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Users commented:

“I am fascinated by the logistics of it all. Compressed construction training for staff as to what goes where…configurations, maps…” While another said “cool job.”

Appreciating the designing of the robot, another user said “with lights designed to sort of look like a friendly face”

With a ‘Thumbs Up’ emoji, a user wrote “Nice” while another said, “a Robot can help curb the spread of coronavirus.”

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“The robot that rolls up, ejects and inserts the food plate into the slot of the isolation ward can help curb the spread of coronavirus,” said a user.


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