Gang Took Advantage Of Rain, Raped Me And Made My Kids Watch


A 27 year old woman from Mihang’o Estate in Nairobi is healing wound of sexual harassment after a brutal gang rape in-front of her 2 children.

‘Eliza’ of which it’s not her official names is a bitter woman for everything that is happening to her.

She currently sleeps outside under no roof above her with her children after the landlord kicked her out of her house she had rented.

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She was kicked out 2 months ago for failure of paying rent amounting to Kshs.11,000 after her fruit-hawking job got affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“It was on this fateful day when we were sleeping outside in an unfinished building when it started raining hard.

My 2 small children aged 3 and 7 years started crying.

Their cry attracted a gang of men who came, took advantage of the rain and brutally started raping me one by one…” the woman described emotionally the event.

Since no one could hear my cry or that of my children, they all raped me and left me bleeding excessively and unconscious.” she added.

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The lady used to hawk fruits along Mombasa road but since her small business was affected by coronavirus, she lives hopelessly and helplessly since there is no job for her to do.

Whenever she intends to venture in clothes washing casual jobs, she’s always unlucky since no household is giving out the job for fears of COVID-19.

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The lady is now in severe pain since she has no money to access medical services after the brutal gang rape.

She is walking around asking for food and accommodation.


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