Pogba Will Leave Manchester United This Month – Allan Shearer

Newcastle United legend, Alan Shearer has admitted that Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba will leave the club this month.

Shearer said he will “not be surprised” if Pogba, who has been heavily linked with a move to Barcelona, left Old Trafford this summer.

While the English transfer window closed last Thursday, players from the Premier League can still be sold until the end of August.

The legendary Premier League striker told The Sun UK, “I’ve read this week about Pogba wanting to leave before the European transfer deadline at the end of the month and in truth that wouldn’t surprise me.

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“We saw the best of Pogba in the World Cup. Didier Deschamps managed to get top performances out of him in the games he played in the summer and he played very, very well.

“He has to replicate that for United but it’s also Mourinho’s job to get the best out of him. ‘Pogba did his bit on Friday in the 2-1 opening win over Leicester.

“He played well, scored the penalty – showing real confidence – but now he has to do that every single week.”

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Shortly after Manchester United’s victory over Leicester at Old Trafford, Pogba posted a cryptic message on Instagram. He said: “I’ll always give my best to the fans and my teammates no matter what’s going on.”


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