Personal Assistant Impregnates Bosses Wife


Mr. Sunday, a Personal Assistant in an oil company based in Port Harcourt has told the West African Reporters(WAR) , he is in dilemma having impregnated his boss’s wife and does not know how to handle the issues surrounding the circumstances.

Mr Sunday who spoke to the West African Reporters through a telephone conversation, said, his boss trusted him so much, took him to his house and introduced him to the wife who welcomed him as a nice man having heard a lot of good things about him from her husband.

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He explained that, when the company got a big contract that required him to travel together with the boss in most of the places, the boss moved him to a boys’ quarters in his residence.

A decision he said, was taken by his boss to ensure he does not suffer much while he leaves his house late at night and comes back to work in the early hours every day except, on Sundays.

He, however, said, as soon as he moved into the house, the boss’s wife started admiring him and fell in love with him, leading to intercourse that resulted in a pregnancy.

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An action he said he has since regretted, blaming Devil for allowing himself to be used to destroy his boss’s marriage.

The Personal Assistant explained that he slept with his boss’s wife three days without protection while he traveled out of the town, which has resulted in pregnancy.

Mr Sunday said that the main challenge is the boss’s wife wants him to inform the husband he is responsible for the pregnancy or be killed.

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He, however, added the boss is too nice to him and he cannot afford to hurt and destroy a man who has given him all the necessary support he can ever think of in the pursuit of his career.

Mr Sunday said he needs prayers for God’s intervention to bring him out of the challenge.


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