Predatory Pastor Impregnates Wife’s 12 Year Old Sister


In yet another case of Pastors abusing their calling, a 30-year-old pastor impregnated his wife’s 12-year-old sister.

The pastor who cannot be named to protect the minor’s identity then promised to marry the minor after she finished her Grade 7 examinations.

According to the source, the pastor allegedly took advantage of his relationship with the minor to proclaim his love for her. After the minor seemingly agreed, the man of the cloth waited for the minor’s mother to leave the country for business in South Africa.

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After the mother-in-law travelled, the pastor then went to her home, where he asked the minor tao consummate the relationship. He then raped the minor without using protection.

The pastor’s shenanigans came to light when the minor fell pregnant, and some eagle-eyed members of the community promptly informed the police. The police visited the minor at school were during the interview, she spilt the beans on her brother-in-law.

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The predator pastor was charged with raping and impregnating the minor. When he appeared before Mutare Magistrate Prisca Manhimbi, he was denied bail and remanded in custody for trial.


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