Police Caught Pants Down With Female COVID-19 Patient In Isolation Facility

Police pants down with coronavirus patient

Police officer in Busia was caught pants down while dishing on a COVID-19 patient who had been placed in isolation.

The female COVID-19 patient had been quarantined at the Agricultural Training Centre (ATC) in Busia.

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The Busia ATC is normally watched by hawk-eyed by three police officers and three prison warders so as to house COVID-19 patients from the Busia GK Prison and the nearby community .

The two groups (inmates and ordinary citizens) are, however, kept in separate wards.

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On Thursday at around 10 pm, a prison warder officer identified as Police Constable Emmanuel Ng’etich, began engaging a COVID-19 patient in an oral manners

Constable Jeff Obondo, his fellow warder, was shocked by the incident and immediately alerted the guard room of the Ngerich’s actions

“All the officers [thereafter] went to check what was happening.

However, they did not find Ng’etich and the COVID-19 patient. [As a result], they became suspicious and started looking around.

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Several minutes past 10pm, they heard noise and commotion emanating from the women’s ward,” says a police report filed at the Busia Police Station at 00:30am Friday.

“The police officers rushed there and found all the female patients outside, complaining that Police Constable Ng’etich was raping the lady [she had earlier struck a conversation with].”

Authorities say when they went into the woman’s room, they found her and Ng’etich naked in bed.

However, another quarantined female COVID-19 patient noted that the victim had consent to sex but later changed the story to rape when she was discovered

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Police Constable Ng’etich was arrested and his fire arm taken away, besides he was also put under quarantine at the same facility .

Investigations have been launched into the matter, this is according to Busia County Police Commander John Notice.


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