Nollywood Actress Ayo Adesanya Reached Out To A Beggar In Lekki


Nollywood actress Ayo Adesanya, in a rare show of kindness, has reported to her teeming followers on Instagram what she did to a beggar in Lagos.

The actress in her post mentioned that he came across a crippled man begging by the road side and offered him money, which he rejected, but told her to get him a wheel chair instead.

Read full gist below:

So like 6 Sundays ago about 7am after i had finished filming on the island @ire_niyi was with me and i was dropping my assistant off so i noticed this man by the roads side.

I asked @ire_niyi to hand him some money and i heard him saying tell your mommy that i want to buy a wheel chair its 4k.

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So we left that faithful day so after a few days i told my sis @bunmi_akn if she knew where to get one from…so i had this chair and went back severally to find this man .he was no where to be found ..he was not even coming out …i had almost decided to give it to someone else ..

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Then few days back i was on the island to film and one of my people who knew i was on look out for him decided we drive pass his route … and boom i found him.

My main prayer to you today is that your helper will locate you where ever you may be …the Lord will hear your cry amidst multitudes ….and your blessings will not be shared to another and only you will take your blessings …you helper will be relieved he found you whenever he does

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Bless you Lord we found him🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


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