Wuhan Records No New Case Of Covid-19 For The First Time


For the first time since the Covid-19 outbreak began, Wuhan, China has recorded no new cases of the virus, according to China’s health ministry.

Wuhan which has been the epicenter of the coronavirus, seems to be winning the fight against the pandemic, as they reached a massive and impressive milestone.

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Apart from there being no new case in Wuhan, health officials added that there have been 34 new cases of Covid-19 across China, all of whom came from abroad, and there have been eight new deaths.

Of the 34 cases, 21 of them were located in Beijing, nine were in Guangdong, two in Shanghai and one each in Zhejiang and Heilongjing.

China has taken swift measures to ensure the transmission of the virus remains at a minimum, including mass lockdowns, disinfections twice a day and building hospitals in mere days.

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