Nigerian Killed By North Korean Worker With A Forklift In Lagos


A Nigerian man has allegedly being killed by a North Korean co-worker in a Chinese company, CC7 in Lekki, Lagos with a forklift.

A Nigerian man identified as Chinua Nwogu who hails from Imo state and works as a Chinese translator in a Chinese company, CC7 in Lekki, Lagos was allegedly killed with a forklife by his North Korean co-worker after a disagreement.

Prof Emeritus Black Lord took to his social media page to share the sad incident that happened. He wrote;

Chinua Nwogu from Imo State, mass communication graduate & diploma holder in Chinese. He worked as a translator in A Chinese company, CC7 in Lekki & was murdered by a North Korean Co worker with a forklift for a minor misunderstanding.

We have been enslaved all over the world, xenophobic attacks, racism etc.Even at home we can’t find respite. @PoliceNG @nigimmigration shld investigate this matter urgently. Why is the lives of Nigerians so cheap all over the world? Why are we seen as trash?

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This is not he first time such maltreatment of Nigerians is being encountered here. A useless north Korean sadists could come to Nigeria to kill a citizen bcs not even our own government value the citizens.

This is a total shame to the leaders of this country Why would anyone value Nigerians anywhere in the world when the people who are supposed to be protecting us kill us at will?

Foreigners come to Nigeria to act with impunity while our police force protect & guard them.

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Can a Nigerian kill a Korean or Chinese in Asia without being lynched immediately or sentenced to life with hard Labour? Lebanese, Chinese & other foreigners come here to enslave Nigerians yet nobody sees anything wrong abt it.

If this madness is not addressed Nigeria will burn & the xenophobic attacks south africa will be child’s play.This very mayhem will be so organized that no foreign company will escape it. Enough is enough.

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The next time this happens, every single foreign company in Nigeria owned by Asians & others will be burnt to the ground & whoever is found there lynched. We cannot be enslaved home & abroad.Of our useless government cannot act we shall hell them act.


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