Charly Boy – I smoked More Weed Than Fela, Naira Marley Is A Learner


Nigerian activist Charly Boy, while emphasizing on the importance and health benefits of cannabis, has stated that he smoked more weed than Fela.

In a post he made on his social media page, Charly Boy wrote that even Naira Marley should be considered as an apprentice, when it comes to smoking the herb.

Fela no smoke igbo pass me, Naira Marley na apprentice for weed.

The first time I smoked weewee(cannabis) was during the Biafran war 1968 in my village Oguta. It was introduced to me by one of my naughty cousin’s. That day sha, I been think say I go die.

The paranoia wey cease me no be here.

Na so only me start prayers inside myself by myself for myself.

Bob Marley Talk say, “When you smoke herb, it reveals you to yourself”

Dat day from the outside of myself na so I begin look de inside of myself. Nothing wey no enter my mind that day. I come dey wonder. So na like dis man go just take craze or die.

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Quick, quick, I don turn prayer warrior be dat. I come dey promise God many tins 🤣say, if hm fit prevent dis madness wey wan befall me I no go ever near Indian hemp again……….for where!!!!!!😂

Two months after dat, as I no mad and I no die, I became a confirmed Igbo smoker. I didn’t realize I was only suffering from hallucinogenic paranoia.

Since I’ve been in the world I’ve been smoking marijuana for about 55years now, and I think it’s a tremendous blessing🙏

As much as I tried some other drugs, I stuck to my Indian hemp because I became a master in controlling my high and making it work for me. Infact I make bold to say dat.

I started smoking Igbo before Fela, Infact Baba Fela no smoke reach me, the only difference be say, He advertised it a lot, I just kept mine under wraps for a very very long time.

Smoking weed always made me feel more creative, more probing, and more easy with myself. I always felt happy and free. Empowered and relaxed almost as cool as Ice😎

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Aside from these positive impacts on my medulaoblangarta, cannabis has also helped heal my body in a way none of you can imagine. I have used marijuana to help treat some joint pains I have, it has also helped me to deal with my depression and anxiety. Sometimes I have used it to regain my appetite loss.

Cannabis, marijuana, weed, Indian hemp, weewee, zazavooo, call it whatever turns you on is now very popular than ever, as more and more places choose to legalize marijuana.

I even hear say Oyo state wan to dey export the natural grass. This beautiful plant has the ability to improve lives across the entire globe.

I have always loved marijuana. It has been from time to time a source of joy and comfort to me for many years. And I still think of it as a basic staple of life, along with my vegetables, fruits supplements etc etc.

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Remember I was once a vegetarian. Most importantly I have discovered how to slow down my aging process by a concoction I discovered in my private lab many years ago.

The mixture of Indian hemp with some other secret grass has drastically slowed down my aging. Many Nigerians will agree with me that I am younger today than I looked 25 years ago.

Who was it that said, “One mans meat is another mans poison”

So how many of you Ignorantly gave Igbo a bad name make una begin confess.

For me it has become the vital and viral ingredient in my age slowing concoction which will hopefully be in the market in the next few years.

The biggest killer on the planet is stress and I still think the best medicine is and always has been cannabis.

I don give my own testimony, weytin be your own, good or bad.


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