My Mum Wants To Become A Prostitute


What’s the worst thing you could say about a person’s mother? The worst part about it is knowing that your mom is working as a prostitute because she can’t fend for the family.

With the Kenyan economy being this bad it was so sad to see a family suffer.

Forced marriages have also been a norm in most parts of the country and it’s sad to see young girls forced to marry an old mzee for survival.

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Check out the Confession Below:

My mum married me off to a man after I barely turned 18. It was the best thing she could have done at that time because we didn’t have a home or food to eat.

I had dropped out of school because she couldn’t pay school fees. This man did everything for us, paid for our rent and gave us money for food.

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Fast forward three years down the line I’m 21 and I have a child. My mum wants me to be a prostitute because that’s the only way to survive.

She hasn’t been able to get a job for the past 5 years. I don’t know what to do, I had hopes of going back to school but I’m the only one who can put food on the table for my mum, baby, and I. What should I do?a

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