Ghanaian Actress Moesha Budoung Is In A State Of Delima


Moesha Budoung is the most confused human being to ever walk this earth and a pathological liar, to say the least. She lies when no one has asked her to lie.

We were not there when Moesha decided to work on her ass and hips and we certainly have no evidence to prove she did any of that but we would be equally and essentially gullible to believe all she has going on her body is any real.

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There have been several instances where Moe has lied between her teeth that she has not gone under the knife or anything of such to have the humongous body.

Recently when a fan commented that she prays for her anytime she sees her pictures because her aunty suffered a side effect for going under the knife, Moe blatantly said she is all-natural so this fellow should stop worrying.

…and just yesterday, Moesha commented on one of her pictures that all she has on is artificial. You are allowed to think she was being sarcastic but we all know she is indeed artificial.

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