Meet The Guinness World Record Holder For Biggest Hip


Michaels Rufinelli Biggest Woman:

Michaels rufinelli is from United States and she won the honorary title of the biggest woman in the world with a hip circumference of 2.4m.

She was officially included by Guinness and became the biggest person in the world.

Michaels Rufinelli

Michael rufinelli’s husband doesn’t mind and is proud of it. What would you think of it? Although there are still some differences compared with the world’s fattest women, even the fattest women can’t match her hips, and now she is also proud of her “sexy and plump” hips.

Big buttocks are also distressed. Now, Michaels rufinelli has been the mother of four children, and the buttocks are much more distressed.

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Because it’s not convenient to do anything, even to do a train or a car, she needs to buy a double ticket.

This is because she can’t take one seat, so she has to buy two seats each time. Walking on the road often encounter passers-by’s face-to-face comments, but she doesn’t care about these herself.

She has a car in her house. Usually she can only watch it or drive by herself.


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