Mexican Rescue Dog Saved 12 Lives And Locating Over 40 Bodies Retires


A rescue dog who gained international fame for her heroics after an earthquake hit Mexico in 2017 has retired after nine years of service. 

Mexican Rescue Dog – The Mexican Navy canine unit held a ceremony on Monday to honour Golden Labrador Frida who has taken part in 53 rescue operations across Mexico, Haiti, Guatemala and Ecuador.

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The navy has credited Frida with saving 12 people’s lives and locating more than 40 bodies. “Her bark always gave hope, and in moments of pain and uncertainty she brought relief,” said Deputy Naval Minister Eduardo Redondo.

Images of Frida clad in a protective eye mask, searching through the rubble of a school in Mexico City, drew worldwide attention and became a symbol of hope for Mexico after the earthquake, which killed more than 300 people.

Now aged 10, her handlers have hung up her famous mask and boots and presented her with a chew toy for the next chapter of her life.

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