Man Wanted For A Crime Has Been Arrested After Loud Fart Exposed His Hiding Spot


Loud Fart – A Missouri man wanted for possession of a controlled substance was arrested after he exposed his hiding spot in an unorthodox way.

Loud Fart – The suspect hid to avoid police, but he farted so loudly, that the volume was enough for the police to track his hiding spot.

According to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, over the weekend, Liberty police were searching for a Missouri man who had a warrant out for his arrest.. The person was wanted for possession of a controlled substance.

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“If you’ve got a felony warrant for your arrest, the cops are looking for you and you pass gas so loud it gives up your hiding spot, you’re definitely having a [poop emoji] day,” the Clay County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a Facebook post, which included the hashtag “#ItHappened.”


A local TV station requested more information on the case and the sheriff’s office responded on Facebook with, “the person was arrested over the weekend on a Clay County warrant for Possession of a Controlled Substance. We’ve gotta give props to Liberty (Missouri) PD for using their senses to sniff him out!”

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The official Twitter account of the City of Liberty also poke fun at the incident.

“The Liberty Police Department was surprised to see this incident slip out, which stinks for the arrestee,” the city wrote in a post on Twitter. “Fortunately, no one was injured during his arrest.”

The city also thanked the sheriff’s department for “airing out a wanted person’s dirty laundry and fanning the flames.”


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