Man Caught Stealing Food Meant For Pensioners Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic


A masked man was caught on camera stealing food meant for an elderly man isolating from the deadly coronavirus.

The coronavirus is already responsible for over 25,000 death in the UK, and as various people in the country self-isolate to curb the spread, some devious people have used that as an opportunity to commit a crime.

The thief, with his face covered by a grey mask and hood, was captured on security camera walking up to Veronica and Vito Zarola’s front door, in Swindon, before making off with milk, bread, and eggs that had been dropped off just 30 minutes earlier.

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Speaking about the callous crime, Veronica said she was devastated that someone would do something like this.

She said:

“It’s a normal thing for us to check the CCTV first thing in the morning, which we did on the day it happened.

“We saw the milk, eggs, and bread had been delivered, so my husband Vito went to grab them and he came back and told me they weren’t there.

“They came right up to my door, bold as brass, took the eggs and bread but left the milk.

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“I’m so angry because those eggs were for my dad Bruno, who is 83-years-old and lives on his own.

“He’s self-isolating and he’s a vulnerable person, so I’m really angry.”

“It does make you scared that in this current climate someone will come up to your door and take something.

“We called the police and they said we needed to let the company know this was happening because other people could be looking to take deliveries.”


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