Man, 84, In Critical Condition After Being Ruthlessly Attacked


An 84-year-old man suffers critical injuries after being brutally assaulted outside his own home.

WARNING: Graphic Content:

The elderly man was attacked on Sunday evening, outside his home in Cannington, Perth, Australia, Daily Mail reports.

At about 7 pm on Sunday, August 16, the 84-year-old man heard a disturbance happening outside his Henry Street East property.

He went outside his home to check what was going on when he was brutally assaulted.

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The monstrous attack left the man with a broken nose, black eye, numerous deep cuts and covered in blood.

According to acting Detective Sergeant Alexandra Hill, the attackers used a weapon in the ‘cowardly, disgusting and appalling act’. Det Sgt Hill told Perth.

“This is an 84-year-old man who’s lived in this suburb for 40 years … and he’s been brutally assaulted in his front yard. They are horrific, horrific injuries that this man has sustained to his face.”

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After being found by police, the victim was taken to Royal Perth Hospital. There, he is awaiting surgery in intensive care while being in critical condition.

There appeared to be no motive behind the nearly fatal act.

Officers have identified two white men aged between 25 and 35 as people of interest regarding the distressing incident.

In addition, the assaulted man’s personal vehicle, which was left with a smashed window and bloodstains, is also being used in the ongoing investigation.

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On Sunday night, there were at least five other reports of damage and disturbance in the area.

The locations reported include Derisleigh Street, Henry Street, Burge Way, Railway Parade, and Central Terrace.

Police urged anyone who was in the area or has CCTV or dashcam footage of the assault to come forward.


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