Businessman Joins The #EndSARS Movement After Police Arrested Employee Over Laptop Possession

Business owner joins the #EndSARS movement

In what will come across as a really saddening development, a Nigerian business owner has lamented the alleged illegal arrest of his employee.

The man simply identified as Festus indicated an interest in joining the ongoing EndSARS protest in Lagos after the encounter one of his employees had with the police in the state.

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Festus with the Twitter handle @FestusNIG took to the social media platform to disclose that one of his new-recruited staff was unjustly arrested by the police because a laptop and internet modem were found with him.

The entrepreneur said he gave the employee the items after asking him to work from home.

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He wrote on Twitter: “Yesterday, I asked two of my newly recruited staff to work from home. I gave each a laptop and spectranet device. One of them was arrested this morning as a yahoo boy and taken to Pen Cinema police station Lagos.

“For this reason, I am joining the #EndSARS protest this morning.”

According to Festus, the officers who arrested the employee said someone reported him to the police after noticing that he used a laptop throughout the night.

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Festus wrote: “The officer who made the arrest said someone tipped them about a young boy using a laptop throughout the night. Probably a neighbour.”

I will join the #EndSARS Protest After Police Arrested my employee over laptop usage


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