Lithromantic: What It Really Means And Signs You May Be One


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Crushing on people isn’t all bad. So, do you find yourself crushing on others but as soon as they return those feelings/emotions, you feel uncomfortable and maybe embarrassed. You just might be a LITHROMANTIC.

Lithromantic What It Really Means – As with any romantic mindset, someone who identifies as a lithromantic may identify however they see fit in terms of their sexuality.

Sexuality has become extremely wide and diverse in todays world. We no longer define our sexuality under the terms “heterosexual” and “homosexual.” People separate their romantic lives and definitions from their sexual lives and definitions.

Lithromantic and what makes you one

Lithromantic is also known as apromantic or akoiromantic and it refers to a someone who feels romantic love but does not have any desire for those feelings/emotions to be returned or reciprocated. People experiencing lithromantic may or may not be comfortable with romantic relationships.

He or she may or may not be comfortable with platonic love too. whichever, the person does not see the need for anything called love in a relationships.

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Signs to recognize a lithromantic and identify if you are one

1. You lose the feelings or emotions of romantic love with time.

Most people who are lithromantic willingly go into relationships with some level of romantic love for their significant other and lose it gradually. They feel only platonic love and sexual feelings for their partner. This doesn’t mean they don’t feel romantic love, the romantic love could swing.

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2. You may lose feelings or emotions for someone if the persons topic surfaces.

Similar to losing romantic feelings or emotions with time, if somebody close to you brings this persons topic to start a conversation about them, you feel very uncomfortable even if the person didn’t hurt you.

It is very hard for a lithromantic to accept how they feel. Lithromantics stop having romantic feelings for a person or their significant other if somebody mentions anything about them.

3. You don’t see the need to be in a romantic relationship.

Lithromantic people feel romantic feelings for another person and actually love it but has no desire to be in a romantic relationship with those feelings reciprocated. Strange right? You may develop a relationship with someone and feel uncomfortable with the romantic side of it and what is a healthy relationship with no romance?


4. Keeping your feelings or emotions secret.

Possibly you are in a relationship now and have discussed with your significant other how you want to identify and discuss your emotions or not. However, some people prefer to keep their crushes / feelings secret forever, never telling even their best friend how they truly feel.

The reason might not be because you are afraid to tell them, but because you prefer to keep those feelings secret so they don’t get reciprocated.


5. You feel emotionally absent.

We sometimes get this feeling which could be normal sometimes typically after a heartbreak or traumatic event in our lives or after a hard day work. But, if you feel this way for a considerable long period of time, this may be a sign you are lithromantic. The romance in a relationship does not matter to you, it might not even cross your mind but it is necessary if you truly desire a healthy relationship.

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6. Having the thought of not being in any type of relationship-romantic or not.

Everybody who identifies as a lithromantic falls on a different part of its nature or side and identify accordingly. Some may feel uncomfortable with any type of relationship, be it sexual in nature or romantic in nature. While others might be comfortable with it but for a short time. They seek out short-lived interactions with others and you can’t just blame them.

7. Been sexually attracted to others first.

People have various reasons for going into the type of relationship they want to. You may desire a sexual partner, instead of a romantic one, and later develop romantic feelings or emotions for this same person.

8. You are afraid of romance.

Some people are afraid of romance in their relationships for various reasons. Maybe you are not repulsed by the idea of romance, but it freaks you out. Hence opening yourself up on that level (romance) is terrifying and natural to a lithromantic and many lithromantic people feel this way.

9. You’re repulsed by the thought of romance.

It just freaks you out. Why would anybody want to express their love for their significant other? Ewe. A lithromantic-Let’s just stick to the basic human needs, please! Romance will freak you out if you are a lithromantic. But maybe not.

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10. You desire platonic relationships only.

Even if you date this person you feel for, you still prefer your relationship remain platonic. If lithromantic, you may be sexually attracted to your partner and that is as far as the attraction goes, like it’s a dead end. You may also be romantically and sexually attracted to your partner, but do not want love reciprocated.

11. Physical touch irritates and makes you uncomfortable.

This does not mean sexual touch by any means, because as we discussed, romantic orientation and sexual orientation have nothing to do with one another.

As far as romantic touch goes, you may be uncomfortable with things like holding hands, hugging, etc. You don’t need to be afraid as you are not alone in this. There are tons of lithromantics and non-lithromantics that have this same feelings.

12. You may find yourself attracted to fictional characters.

This is not always so, but some lithromantics do fantasize or daydream about characters from their favorite movies, books and television series they could have a relationships with. Having feelings or emotions for fictional characters means there is no possible way that those feelings or emotions could be reciprocated. Hence making them feel uncomfortable and sometimes angry with themselves.


Note that how you identify sexually and romantically is personal and it does not need to be disclosed to anybody except you choose to. Thus, I hope you never feel pressured to do so.

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