F-You Judge: Lawyer Explodes During Court Session

Lawyer caught using the F-word

A lawyer arguing his case via a digital sitting of the Johannesburg High Court has gone viral for all the wrong reasons, after he reacted furiously to a judge’s verdict.

By our count, he responded with at least 16 ‘F-bombs’.

Darren Sampson, who was fighting a judicial battle against his former employer while working as a Legal Aid lawyer, claims that he’d grown frustrated with the judge’s handling of his case.

Sampson suggests that he was only given ‘about 20% of the judge’s time’, claiming that the opposition were allowed to talk for 80% of the case’s duration.

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The lawyer has conceded that his emotions got the better of him, revealing that an unspecified medical condition also exacerbated the situation.

However, regardless of his reasons, this conduct has shocked many.


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