Joe Biden Vows To End America’s Darkest Season Ever


Former Vice President and Democratic nominee Joe Biden was cast as a decent, dependable friend of the working class who will handle the coronavirus with his experience and decency.

If you trust me with with the presidency”, Biden began, “I will be an ally of the light, not the dark”.

Biden called the situation in the US a “perfect storm: The worst pandemic in over 100 years.

The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. The biggest call for racial justice since the 60s”, Biden said, referencing the major crisis of the US, saying it’s a “time of real peril, but extraordinary possbilities.”

Biden listed the over five million and 170,000 dead as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, along with its serious economic toll, promising to get the virus “under control” as his first step as president.

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Biden vowed to deploy quick testing and protective equipment needed to handle the virus.

Joe Biden spoke fondly of former President Barack Obama, under whom he served as vice president, and his landmark “Obamacare” law, which Republicans have vowed to repeal, promising to expand healthcare access.

Speaking about the economy, Biden said if Trump wins “working families will struggle to get by … and yet the wealthiest 1 percent” will continue to gain billions, Biden said, echoing common rhetoric from progressive leader Sanders and promising to change a tax code that “rewards wealth more than it rewards work.”

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Biden promised to create 5 million clean energy jobs, expand train lines while making universities more affordable.

Women will receive equal pay for equal work, he said, and early childhood care will be available to all.

Social Security and Medicare, popular sections of the US welfare system aimed at the elderly, will be protected.

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Biden also referened George Floyd’s death, saying the US might be ready to end the “scourge” of racism.

Joe Biden Democratic Acceptance Speech


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