Is Tekno’s Music Career Over?

Ubi Franklin has disclosed that his label’s act, Tekno’s voice box is temporarily damaged and he can no longer sing or perform for now due to strain from overtime performances.

Tekno is one of the musicians who is well loved by Nigerians. Ubi Franklin further disclosed that Tekno tried to downplay the ailment thinking it will be short-lived, however after further diagnosis by doctors he was asked to take some time out to recover. The MMMG boss also asked Tekno’s fans to pray for him in this trying time. On Tekno’s voice box dilemma, Ubi wrote;


This disclosure is coming weeks after Tekno took to Instagram to ask fans to pray for him, as he disclosed that he is receiving treatment for an undisclosed illness. The singer who has been under the radar for a while now had revealed why this was the case.

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The musician whose real name is Augustine Miles Kelechi disclosed that he is battling a disease. Although he did not disclose the sickness that is currently making him stay behind the blinds, Tekno has made it clear that he intends to pull through it.



From the tone of the words he shared, it is impossible to overlook the fact that the illness is really one that has weakened him so that he has even had to cancel the shows he had been booked for.

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Tekno made it clear that he was away on treatment so that he would be back up on his feet in no time at all. The musician was very apologetic to his fans and clients who he must have disappointed due to the cancellation of his shows.


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