Holding Farts In For Too Long Can Cause Brain Damage – Expert


Holding Farts In For Too Long:

If you are used to holding in farts for extended periods and do it more often you could be damaging your brain and that could eventually lead to brain damage.

Dr. Sul Whang said farts should be celebrated instead of being frowned upon because an unreleased fart is a health hazard.

According to Dr. Sul and his team of Doctors is Singapore farts should be released as soon as possible, the more you resist the more gas build up in your colon(large intestine) with more pressure the gas filter back to the small intestine and end up in your bloodstream.

“Your farts are flammable and the best thing you can do with a fart is to release it. In my family a fart is celebrated because I don’t want my children to hold their farts, it is very dangerous.

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Not only does it damage your brain cell and put you at a big risk of suffering from mental illness it also causes a few other symptoms like bad breath, acne, and unpleasant body odor.” Said, Dr Sul.

The doctor said it is good to encourage others, especially children to fart freely as opposed to telling them it is wrong to fart because in the long run holding in farts would do more damage than a fart smell for a few seconds.

“You should clap hands or say bless you when a person farts next to you because that’s the healthy alternative, the smell won’t kill you and it will disappear in a few seconds unless you are in a confined space.”


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