Meet The 7 Year Old Girl Who Doesn’t Feel Any Pain, Fatigue Or Hunger


Doctors have dubbed a seven-year old BIONIC after she was hit by a car and did not feel a thing.

Unique Olivia Farnsworth stunned hospital when they discovered she has a rare chromosome condition stopping her from feeling hunger, fatigue or pain.

It is thought she could be the only person in the world to exhibit the three symptoms together.

When she was diagnosed, the consultant geneticist told mum Niki Trepak, She had never seen the disorder before which allows the young girl to go three days without sleeping.

Little Olivia’s condition is described as chromosome 6 deletion but the mix of super-human abilities has never been reported before.

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People with chromosome disorders suffer from missing or re-arranged genetic material – one common disorder being Down’s Syndrome.

Mother of five Ms Trepak, of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, said Doctors have called her the bionic girl, she’s made of steel. She’s got no sense of danger.

She was dragged about 10 car lengths down the road. It was horrendous, I don’t think it’s something I will never get over. People called her a boy all the time.

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Olivia who is conditioned to eat is a happy child at home but can suffer from violent outbursts, her mum said.

She doesn’t let any of this affect her because for her, she’s normal. She’s never experienced pain, or hunger, or tiredness.

“But it was such a battle for us to find out what was causing her symptoms. The doctors had no idea what could be wrong with her.

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To look at Olivia you don’t know anything is wrong with her. I want people to know and to stop judging. I want to raise awareness about chromosome 6 problems.

Olivia and her mum have been supported by chromosome disorder support group Unique.

About one in 200 babies is born with a rare chromosome disorder but each one can be very different, making them exceptionally rare.


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