Girl Confesses Sleeping With Her Cousin And Having Feelings For Him


Nigerian girl (name withheld) narrates how she use to have sex with her cousin brother and now having feelings for him.

Narrating the story to a relationship blogger, Joro, the girl explained that she lives together with her cousin brother, after they had sex, she began to have serious feelings for him.

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Speaking further, the girl pleaded for advise from the general public as she wants to get ride of this forbidden sin.

She wrote: “I am sleeping with my cousin and having feelings for him now.”

“I stay with my aunty, oneday my aunty wasn’t around and my cousin came to my room, one thing led to another and we had sex, now am having feelings for him.”

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“He told me he was having feelings for me or needed me for sexxx.”

“Lately, when i tried to touch him, he tells me to leave him alone.
Please how can i get over this forbidden sin?”

“we live together. i am confused. I have feelings for my cousin. How do i move on?


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