Heroic FedEx Driver Saves Dying Woman


Nancy Mitchell was taking the trash out in front of her apartment in Virginia when she felt her chest tighten.

While taking boxes to the dumpster, Nancy felt like she couldn’t breathe. It came on so suddenly, and as she gasped for air she realized she could barely walk.

Nancy knew she was having an asthma attack so she tried rushing back to her apartment to grab her life-saving inhaler.

But she couldn’t make it — and she ended up collapsing right there on the ground, trying to stabilize her breathing.

Nancy’s previous asthma attack landed her in the ICU.

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Meanwhile, a local FedEx driver named Joshua Gibson was making his rounds and delivering mail to the boxes at Nancy’s apartment complex.

Joshua happened to pass by Nancy and at first, he thought he could hear her softly murmur a muffled “Hi.”

Something about the sound of her voice just didn’t feel right to him.

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Instead of continuing along his way and finishing up his mail route, Joshua stuck around and when he realized Nancy was in desperate need, he became a hero.


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