Woman Has Extramarital Affairs With Over 16 Men


In a heart rendering incident, a Harare man recently discovered that his wife who had been denying him sex for some time had illicit sexual affairs with over a dozen men during the sex ban.

Erkridice Makomo who was married to Munashe Charlene Ncube got the shock of his life after discovering that his wife had sexcapades with 16 men during the time she was denying him his conjugal rights.

Makomo discovered the affairs after going through his wife’s mobile phone. Reports have revealed there was drama soon after Makomo caught his wife red-handed with WhatsApp messages revealing unprotected sexcapades, sleepovers and nude images sent to boyfriends.

Ncube is alleged to have jumped over a precast wall in escape after Makomo leaked the messages on social media. The messages also revealed that Ncube had spent three days with a boyfriend when her husband was out on duty during Christmas holiday.

Speaking to the publication, Makomo, said that his wife had been denying him conjugal rights saying she had stomach cramps whilst wantonly dishing out sex to her countless lovers.

“I got the shock of my life to see chats of over 16 boyfriends some of which are hidden in GB WhatsApp version.

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I also found out that in December last year she went to sleep at one of the boyfriends named Kudakwashe Masoka’s place during the Christmas period while I was out working for three days.

She no longer wanted to have sex with me and she gave all sorts of silly excuses achiti ane mudumbu.

Ndaimupa mari iye achinotengera petrol ma boyfriends nekudya ne zvikomba zvake mari yandaishandira.

Makomo also told the publication that during the subsistence of their four-year marriage he provided for his wife’s every need in abundance and thus, did not deserve such payback.

Makomo further explained that he had not sired a child for the four years they have lived together with his wife.

Ranganai Forichi, one of Ncube’s boyfriends, said he was not aware that she was married when the publication caught up with him.

“Ndakamuona akadhakawa ndikamutengera mvura pandai taura naye akati ndiri single mother ndikabva ndaita attack.

Munhu we vanhu and ndewe ma sports saka hapana hapana.

Another alleged boyfriend, Tawanda Mapako said Munashe was just a friend.

“I saw her last week in Damofalls and we have known each other since high school in Mabvuku. She is my friend’s girlfriend not mine.

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Efforts to get comments from other alleged boyfriends were not fruitful as some of them refused to entertain any questions from the publication.

Others did not pick up their phones at the time of publishing. Some of the leaked names of Ncubes boyfriends are Kudakwashe, Cain, Floyd, Rajin, Kudakwashe, Obed and one Alton who denied the allegations despite the chats suggesting a love affair.

Below are some of the chats:

Chat with Obed S (Dr)

[01/01/2020, 20:05] Dr: Haa dnt wry shaz yu are safe,asi u r suspecting kut u r pregnant?
[01/01/2020, 20:18] Charleene: Luv mks u the unthinkable
[01/01/2020, 20:18] Dr: Yah i understnd but uri safe dnt wry
[01/01/2020, 21:02] Dr: Sweeeet u always get me arose
[01/01/2020, 21:06] Dr: Kkkk saka r u telling me kut ahuna kuzviona kut ndine interest all along? Ndaisada kukonzera trouble wth yo bae chte

Chat with Floyd G

[28/12, 22:31] Flyod2: Zvimwe zvaunondiita zvinobata bata bbe uuummm shaaa
[28/12, 22:32] Charleene: Ausati wambonditi ande kwakati kunze kwe muroom mako
[28/12, 22:36] Flyod2: Last time wakange wakut ndakuuya jst bcz wanga wapinzwa patight of which hazvinozanikdze kut mumwe achizorohwa
[29/12, 20:54] Charleene: Instead of making u love m more you making m not to want u
[29/12, 21:00] Flyod2: Swthrt
[29/12, 21:01] Flyod2: Munashe
[29/12, 21:01] Flyod2: Ukumboitey bbe
[29/12, 21:03] Charleene: Aiwa Flyod zvekugara ndine stress andidi ndoda kudiwa kuonekwa nekubatwa se queen

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Chat with Kudakwashe Masoka (Ddy Mkanya)

[24/12, 18:35] Charleene: Ok dakudhakwa foshoro nd slp ikoko but condom anty
[24/12, 18:37] Ddy Mkanya: Hryt bbe sk nw urkup
[25/12, 09:14] Charleene: Iweeee
[25/12, 09:15] Ddy Mkanya: Chiuya
[25/12, 09:17] Ddy Mkanya: Yapinda hr mari
[25/12, 17:26] Ddy Mkanya: Hryt swt wapiwa marii
[26/12, 15:11] Charleene: Kowadii kutenga
[26/12, 15:11] Ddy Mkanya: Chii
[26/12, 15:11] Charleene: Macondom
[26/12, 15:14] Ddy Mkanya: Aripowani
[26/12, 15:15] Charleene: Makusvota ndinenge ndakufungisisa
[26/12, 15:15] Ddy Mkanya: Hty ndosi* ny*** hr
[27/12, 11:38] Ddy Mkanya: Ko ndikudakuti tinyatsodanana xaa

Chat with Alton M (Kelvin)

[06/12, 23:18] Kevin: So watii nemangwana
[06/12, 23:18] Charleene: His now better so obvious anobuda ndokuudza kana aenda
[06/12, 23:19] Charleene: Wat do u hv n mind abt 2mrw acho??
[24/12, 20:45] Kevin: Huya but you wont be sleeping over unozobaya time time
[28/12, 08:56] Kevin: Sleep over yobuda here today zvetime time

Chat with Cain C ( Khule Kento)

[26/12, 15:11] Khule Kento: I miss u
[26/12, 15:12] Charleene:
[26/12, 15:12] Khule Kento: Heish beb kukudawo nhasi


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