EXPOSED – The Youth Presidential candidates Are Not Ready- Working For Buhari

We convened a meeting between all young presidential aspirants. CharlyBOY, Sowore, Moghalu, Fela Durotoye, Ahmed Buhari, Mathias & others were there. We spent hours pleading with all of them to present just one presidential aspirants to face the old guard, etc.

In the meeting, we suggested all kinds of options on how to choose a consensus candidate in a very democratic way. Some of the candidates came with a devious motive and immediately I noticed, I tried to raise alarm but they kept saying they will go and resolve among themselves.

In the process of the arrangement, one of the aspirants called me and said do I know that most of those in that meeting are working for Buhari.

I asked for proof. He told me they were going for a meeting and when they get there he will call me and leave the phone on.

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As promised, he called me when they were at the meeting & I heard all that was discussed. The guys were planning how they will break the YOUTH FORCE, the supposed 3rd force all for Buhari.

Immediately I had proof, I just called our people that let us wash our hands clean of them.

So when I hear some people talk about some of these compromised candidates in mushroom parties I just laugh. Sowore saw through it from the beginning and told me: Deji forget all these guys. They are working for Buhari.

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The only person I felt sorry for was Area Fada. He was just innocently wish for the YOUTH FORCE to work just like me and several others.

LESSON: PDP had 12 presidential candidates. 11 lost and accepted defeat and agreed to work with Atiku. That’s sincerity of purpose.

Some of their candidates went round Nigeria, spent millions. Saraki was there. Dankwambo & Tambuwal- governors. They all dropped their ambition.

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Kwankwaso, David Mark, etc all lost and accepted defeat and are now working with Atiku.

In our own, Oby conducted the mock election. Nobody accepted the outcome. Then, same Oby is now running for President. Tufiakwa.

You expect someone like me to take this generation serious.

They are looking for people that will join them to make Buhari win re-election. Not me, Deji Adeyanju. God forbid.

By Deji Adeyanju


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