Experiment Gone Wrong As Boy, 15 Caught Fire


Experiment Gone Wrong:

A schoolboy Jimmy Malachi McFadden was left badly burned after a ‘burning banknote’ chemistry experiment saw him doused with ethanol and set ablaze.

Malachi McFadden was left badly burned across most of his face after flames spilled from teacher Bridgette Blowe’s demonstration and rocketed across a desk.

The accident, which happened in August at Redan High School near Atlanta in Georgia, caused Malachi to suffer third-degree burns on his face, neck and torso.

Blowe had intended to mount a ‘burning money demonstration,’ which sees a paper bill soaked in water and alcohol, before being set alight without being damaged.

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The teacher reportedly used too much ethanol after an early attempt failed, causing the inferno that burned Malachi.

Malachi has endured painful surgery after being set alight, and can no longer play sports or a musical instrument because of damage to his hands.

Newly-released eyewitness reports say Blowe ‘froze in pure shock’ as Malachi, who had his head on a desk, was engulfed by flames.

Lawsuit filed by Malachi’s family also alleges that Blowe failed to use the correct protective equipment, and that she did not make students stand the required 10 feet away.

The suit includes an internal report from October which saw school superintendent Sean Tartt recommend that Blowe be fired.

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But school principal Janice Boger said the educator is a good teacher ‘who made an awful mistake.’ Blowe is currently on administrative leave with no pay, with guidelines stipulating that she should lose her job, CBS 46 reported.

Malachi’s family are now suing his chemistry teacher Bridget Blowe, who is set to lose her job over the fiasco Malachi’s lawyer L Chris Stewart says the youngster intends to sue for damages to cover medical costs, as well as the pain and suffering the teen endured.

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The schoolboy says he still suffers pain in his hands, and can no longer play the saxophone, football or basketball.

He hopes to return to school next semester – but adds that he is now extremely nervous about chemistry classes as Experiment Gone Wrong.


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