Physical Doesn’t Matter”: Plus-Sized Model Eudoxie Yao Opens Up


Popular Ivorian singer, social media influencer and plus-size model Eudoxie Yao has said that her relationship with Guinean musician Grand P is going very well.

Eudoxie thanked people who are supporting her relationship and emphasized that physical size does not matter.

The plus-size model whose hips and bottom have been the topic of discussion across the continent said this in a post on social media platform Instagram.

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Grand P, real name Moussa Sandiana Kaba, was born with progeria and this has affected his physical stature.

Despite his stature, the singer lives life to the fullest and on his own terms. This attitude allowed Grand P to follow his heart’s desires and have a relationship with the Ivorian bombshell.

It seems like some people have expressed their concerns over the unlikely match with some opining that the relationship is a commercial one and that one of the parties may only be in it for the money.

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Others have claimed that the relationship may be a marketing stunt as both Grand P and Eudoxie Yao are entertainers.

However, the two entertainers are both wealthy in their own rights. The numerous claims seem to have got to Eudoxie who took to social media to reassure everyone that they are very happy in their relationship and that the can manage without being affected by their physical differences.

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Posting on her Instagram on Thursday, Eudoxie shared an image of the couple which she captioned,


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