Drunk Mum Offers Sex To Man On A Plane While Daughter Watches


It was all good until she drank the duty-free vodka.

The drunk mum tried to seduce a passenger on a plane after drinking vodka on a holiday flight, while she was travelling with her young daughter who sat nearby.

She was taking the seven-year-old on their first holiday abroad when she offered sex to the man.

According to the Daily Mail , the mum left her daughter crying in their original seats, she then moved to the man’s row on the plane.

She then allegedly pulled down her trousers and underwear and offered to perform a sex act on him.

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The victim, who had been travelling with his 11-year-old son on the TUI flight from Manchester to Dalaman in Turkey, pushed her back into the seat and alerted staff.

She and her daughter were put on the next flight back to the UK after the plane landed.

It emerged she became severely intoxicated after mixing the vodka with diazepam and codeine tablets which she had been taking for a knee injury, the court was told.

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The woman received a suspended sentence for sexually assaulting a man during a TUI flight.

Once onboard, she drank vodka ‘unaware’ of the effects the booze would have combined with the medication.

It’s reported that the woman began drinking in the airport terminal ahead of the 8pm flight and befriended the man when she saw him with his son, the court was told.

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She pleaded guilty to entering an aircraft when drunk and sexual assault on a male.

She was sentenced to a six-month custodial term, suspended for 12 months, a six month curfew and 15 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

She was also ordered to sign the sex offenders’ registers for seven years.



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