Dr. Charlotte Oduro – Sex, Seductive Dressing Not A Show Of Love


A marriage Counsellor, Lady Reverend Dr. Charlotte Oduro has advised girls to desist from using sex and seductive dressing as a tool in trapping men to get committed to them in their relationships.

According to Dr. Charlotte Oduro, sex is not a guarantee for men to marry women who give it to them adding that men won’t love girls just because she went naked in front of them.

Lady Reverend Dr. Charlotte Oduro explained that it takes more than sex for men to love women.

She urged that women should disabuse their minds from seducing men to marry them adding that the men will dump them after sleeping such women.

The wife of the founder of Royal Victory Family Church International observed that most girls in their quest to get the rings on their fingers stoop so low by sleeping with men.

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The Marriage Counsellor observed that some girls dress provocatively to attract men to sleep with them adding that such attitudes will not earn them husbands.

Speaking in a video sighted by MyNewsGh.com, she said, ‘Listen to me it doesn’t take your nakedness to make a man love you, it doesn’t take sex to make a man be committed to you, most of you think you need to seduce him, bring your back, show your breasts, show your stomach, that will make the man love you, oh that will make the man sleep with you and he will dump you.

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You wanted it the way you dressed, the way you went to him, all you wanted was sex. Please know how to protect womanhood, look at the way you have dressed, look at the way you are showing your shape, anything you want to do when it comes to men, you want to go naked, I don’t know why you think you have to show yourself to somebody and most of the ladies when they dress and you look at them, you ask yourself eiii were you coming from home or bush.

A Christian woman look at what you wore to church, Sunday you saw what you wore, when you bend your panty showed. You people call it fashion, fashion to show yourself naked?, cover yourself. If a man doesn’t love you and he wants to see your nakedness, leave him’.

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Lady Reverend Dr. Charlotte Oduro described the makeup of some girls as ‘caricature’ saying such girls will definitely get men who will sleep with them but will never marry them. ‘If a man doesn’t love your natural beauty and want the fake thing please leave that man. Sometimes when you meet some of the ladies and their make up as if they are going to, I don’t know where they are going to…you look like caricature, yes men that will sleep with you, you will get but men that marry you, you won’t have them, they will sleep with you and when it’s time for them to marry they will go to the churches and look for decent women,’ she said in the video sighted by MyNewsGh.com.


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