Dead Man Requests For Drinking Water Before His Casket Is Lowered

Dead Man ask for drinking water

Drama ensued on Tuesday afternoon at Ahero, in Kisumu County after a dead body asked for drinking water.

The incident happened during a funeral service while the family was preparing to lower the body to the grave.

According to the residents, Denis Obiko, the deceased died under some unexplainable supernatural powers.

As the funeral process was going on, the sister of the deceased fell unconsciously on the ground, asking people to take a glass of drinking water to the casket.

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The elders clarified the incident noting that it was her brother who was speaking through her

“She fell on the ground asking for the drinking water. It was not her voice. It was her brother’s,” said one of the residents who attended the funeral.

After the glass of water was delivered, the deceased still asked for a ball to be brought near the casket. He then called out for his friends whom he used to play football with before his death.

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“Two of them showed up. They kicked the ball around while people watched in shock,” added the resident.

In an interview with, mzee Ronald Ongari, a Luo elder said that such instances are common especially when the dead’s spirit is angered.


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