See The Reactions That Followed “Chilling With My Bae”

Chilling With My Bae got hilarious Reactions

Facebook had been hot on this picture that was uploaded by the guy there he says he is chilling with his Bae.

Many people have been reacting on this picture because of their appearance both the girl and the boy.

Its funny but for me I think the guy is expressing his feelings for her so people saw the picture and started to react.

This picture has gained a lot of reactions on Facebook and reactions are still flowing the more.

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But looking at this picture if it was a studio one it wouldn’t have been this ugly at least the camera would have added face beauty.

People are saying that they are too ugly to post such picture on social media but the guy is deeply in love so he had to show the world he loves his girlfriend.

To say the truth the posture of the girl is really awkward the guys posture is preferable and the funny part is that someone said she should add sugar to her face, it’s really funny.

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But whatever comment that comes there , the guy has done what was in his mind which is chilling with his Bae.

He may not have the money to take her out and the can take studio pictures, but the little one he has which is showing the world that he is truly in love, he has done it.

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See reactions below:

Hilarious Reactions to a facebook post


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