Twenty Children Caught Having Sex With Used Condoms Found


At least 20 minors aged between 10 and 18 years old were on Monday noon (July 20) found having sex with cameras recording in a commercial residential house in Maraba area located on the outskirts of Kakamega Town in Kenya.

According to k24, It remains unclear how the tens of children managed to converge in the one-room house. The convener of the gathering is also yet to be known, police say.

A total of 26 minors had gathered but six managed to escape when neighbours stormed the scene.

Most of the twenty children arrested — 11 girls and 9 boys — were found naked, with some caught engaging in sexual acts, whereas others were found dancing suggestively in skimpy clothes as cameras recorded the actions.

On a screen mounted on the wall, was a pornography film playing, neighbours said.

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Six used condoms were found scattered on the floor of the house.

A resident, James Otieno, told K24 Digital that the children had lied to the neighbours that they (minors) had convened to shoot scenes in a local drama.

“They lied that they were actors in a local drama. When we stormed the house after growing suspicious of their motive, we found some of them engaging in sex. We do not know where the children hail from,” said Otieno.

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“We found nearly all the female children naked. On the floor, were six used condoms,” said another resident, a middle-aged woman.

Another neighbour revealed that the said-house has been notorious for holding porn shoots.

“This is not the first time children are used in shooting porn in this Maraba house. If I am not wrong, this is the second or third incident reported here. We are not impressed at all.

As parents, we are pleading with the Government to help us curb this immoral behaviour,” said the resident.

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“Police should arrest the owner of the house, who should reveal how the children ended up in the commercial residential house, which should be occupied strictly by tenants seeking shelter,” said another neighbour.

“These children are our leaders of tomorrow. If we allow them go astray today, what kind of leaders will we have tomorrow?” posed another resident.

Police released the 20 children who were arrested because they were minors.

The police boss, however, stated that they are hunting for the person who was behind the camera, when the children were found in the house.


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